3 SEO Tasks You Should Be Doing in 2018

3 SEO Tasks You Should Be Doing in 2018

Every SEO professional has their own process for site maintenance. But it is necessary to evolve along with changing dynamics. Forgetting to factor in the newest updates would result in your websites lagging behind in the race.

Most of the times, even the smallest adjustments result in huge improvements. They would help in making your web footprints larger and draw more traffic to your websites. Which is why we bring your 3 SEO tasks that you should be focusing on right now.

1. Page speed

Ignoring mobile device in terms of internet market is no longer possible. The growth of the mobile market has put it in such a strong position that Google has recently made an announcement that mobile page speed will be a major factor for ranking mobile search results.

For increasing your website revenue, it is necessary to focus on your mobile version of the website. People can be impatient while browsing which means that if your website page takes more time to load then people might lose interest and look elsewhere resulting in decreased traffic. Better results and performance of your site would reward you with a higher ranking in SERPs.

That’s why it is of utmost importance to improve your hosting services and have your website properly scaled by eliminating unnecessary plugins for faster performance.

2. Indexation Analysis

Google has recently rolled out new changes and updates in the way it crawls and index websites. Therefore, it is important to understand that what types of pages would be presented in SERPs. More often than not such changes might not favour the website creators.

It is important to create an organized architecture and a good internal linking strategy for your website. You would want the search engines to show the most relevant page from your website. For this, first, you have to gain an understanding of under-valued content from your site which wastes your crawl spend. Conduct a thorough analysis of your navigational results. Possibly you might find low impression content which could be an area of focus or you might have a different version of same pages (www and non-www) showing up in search results.

It might feel like a bit more technical than usual but its importance should not be neglected. After all, you’d want your web pages to rank as high as possible.

3. Cannibalization Analysis

While expanding your website, it is important to remember that there might be a possibility where several pages on your site would be competing with each other for ranking. In such cases, there would be a negative impact on your search engine optimization as different pages with same primary keyword would make it difficult for search engine to figure out the authoritative page. Certainly, competing with yourself would divide the attention from search engines resulting in your website pushed down the slippery slope.

The first step to avoid this trouble is to assign correct keywords for individual pages. For this, you need to get an idea about what keywords can be targeted for a specific page. The second step would to analyse your website structure and find out if you have indexable search result pages or you have a lot of parameters that are indexable. The goal should be to identify the places where you are supposedly competing with yourself by ranking your URLs and comparing it to the corresponding keywords.

Auditing your website to avoid cannibalizing would increase your site performance and expand your search footprints.

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